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Approved Utility Plans

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The Abbey of St. Walburga Approved 3-2010
Ault Utility Plan 6-26-14
Ben Delatour Scout Ranch (approved October 2009)
Ben Delatour Scout Ranch Revised Information (February 2010)
Berthoud Estates WUP (approved 9-2014)
Berthoud Utility Plan (approved 11-2014)
Boxelder Sanitation District Plan (approved July 2010) and Appendices
Broomfield 1999 Utility Plan (approved June 1999)
Broomfield 2011 Utility Plan(approved July 2012) , Appendices, , and Figures
Broomfield North Park Basin Wastewater Service Area Plan (approved July 2012)
Covenant Heights WUP (approved 10-2014)
CSU Pingree Park Campus (approved May 2011)
Crystal Lakes - May 2014
Eaton (approved October 2003)
Eden Valley Institute (approved June 27, 2013)
Erie Update (approved January 2016)
Erie (approved January 2013) and Appendices
Estes Park Sanitation District (approved December 2011)
Evans Utiliity Plan (approved August 2015)
Ft. Collins (approved January 2009)
Fort Lupton Utility Plan (approved August 2014)
Fox Acres (approved April 2010)
Fox Acres UP Update (approved May 2015)
Glacier View Meadows (approved October 2007)
Greeley (including amendments approved February 2010) and Appendices
Grover (approved June 2010)
Hidden View Estates (approved December 2007)
Hudson (approved July 2008) , Appendices, , and Figures
Johnstown Update (approved September 2011)
Keenesburg (approved February 2010) , Appendices, , and Figures
Loveland (approved September 2010) and Appendices
Mead (approved November 2006) and Appendices
Metro Wastewater Reclamation District (approved September 2010) and Appendices (Volume II and Volume III)
Milliken Utility Plan (approved May 2016)
Northglenn (approved July 2012) and Appendices
Platteville (approved October 2010)
Prairie School District (approved May 2012)
RiverGlen HOA (approved June, 2013)
Rescource Colorado Water and Sanitation Metro District (approved September 2008)
Saddler Ridge Metro District (approved October 2008) , Appendices, , and Attachments
St. Vrain Sanitation District Update (approved April 2012) and Appendices
Severance / Saddler Ridge Metro District Joint Utility Plan (approved December 2010) , Appendices, , and Attachments
Shambhala Mountain Center (approved April 2010) and Appendices
South Ft. Collins Sanitation District - Update (approved October 2011)
Sunrise Ranch Utility Plan 6-26-14
Upper Thompson Sanitation District (approved February 2010) and Amendment (approved June 2010)
Wellington approved Jan. 2014
Windsor (approved February 2010) and Appendices